My First Post:Sox Yanks Rivalry!

Well this is my first post as you can see 🙂

I hope this at least gets one view then I’ll be happy 🙂

So here it goes

So tonight the Sox meet the Yanks for the first time this season.Its the first game of  about 14 I’m not sure exactly.


I feel pretty good about tonight.Lester’s pitching and even though he got off to a rocky start (losing his first two games) He pulled back to strike out 9 Orioles in the series that the Sox swept 3-0.So I’m confident enough.Theres another reason why im pretty confident for tonight, and that’s because of the Yanks weak pitching as they start this season.Their only pitcher that has made a pretty good start is A.J Burnett but tonight its Joba Chamberlain who’ll take to the mound for the Yankees.Chamberlain hasn’t had the best start to 2009.In his second start he only pitched 4 2/3 innings and threw 93 or so pitchs and less than half of that number were strikes.So i hope that the Sox keep the 7 game winning streak going tonight at 7:10 which is about 12:10 here so I’m gonna be up a bit late tonight!


The Rivalry has gone on since the beginning and tonight we’ll see alot of tension and the only other time you’re gonna see this kind of tension is in the Post season.Theres gonna be alot of booing in Fenway aswell.Especially for Teixeira who turned the Sox down in the postseason on offers to go and sign with the Yankees on a 128million dollar contract.The other Yanks that will get some abuse from Fenway’s Faithful will be Jeter,Posada,Burnett and Posibbly Damon.




So it should be an exciting one!


On Saturday and Sunday the pitching matchups are gonna be ..

Josh Beckett VS A.J Burnett


Justin Masterson VS Andy Pettitte


So all in all its gonna be a very exciting weekend for all us Red Sox fans!


See ya later!